Be who you are and say what you feel,

because those who mind don't matter

and those who matter don't mind.

Dr. Seuss

Free your thoughts, let them soar in the air;

 no disruption from the menace lurking in the shadows.

Flint Juventino Beppe

Philobretto The FJB Unlimited Foundation

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Philobretto is a non-profit association that aims to spread composer Flint Juventino Beppe's ideas for reflection and mental health through art productions.

The foundation shall manage, cultivate and consolidate Beppe's previous and future art productions, which includes facilitating, supporting and securing the distribution of Beppe's art and reflections on a worldwide basis.

The foundation shall ensure a solid economic platform for Beppe's ongoing production and livelihood, and shall have a clear, purposeful fundament that may spur joy and mental stimulation for the audience.

Moreover, the basic idea of Philobretto incorporates artistic-reflectional aspects, freedom of expression, as well as achieving openness regarding mental health, including Asperger's syndrome, anxiety and depression.

Philobretto has no connection to isms, politics or religion of any kind, and considers all of this to be the result of human-made, perishable self-deception. Therefore, the association distances itself from all forms of state-implemented oppression and discrimination, since there seems to be an unbreakable connection between mental health and personal freedom.

Philobretto is concerned with the individual's right to control their own peaceful, private choices, without the interference from a state that "plays God" by implementing  moralism, criminalising the innocent or contributing to the perpetuation of stigma, which, by using a logic-based elimination method, can be traced back to being nothing more than systematised evil put into action by wilful exploitation of unpredictable systems such as democracy, where politicians with skilled, camouflaged disrespect for others' lifestyles and opinions have the possibility to obtain a majority for their basic malicious purposes.

Taking into account trend-based, subjective circumstances in legislation that applies to an entire nation, a perishable outcome is immediately guaranteed and the story of power-abuse and arrogance again may repeat itself. That individuals as the only way out have to emigrate or change citizenship, in order to peacefully live in a nation without the risk of moralising state abuse, is not acceptable to the association Philobretto.

  Where words fall short, music takes over.
Flint Juventino Beppe has dedicated the symphonic poem Warning Zero Op.54 to any living creature who fights against state suppression and for the individual's right to decide over own, peaceful choices.

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Flint Juventino Beppe (1977).