When I surround myself with static timelessness, the music automatically starts playing in my head, and I feel like a reflector of all things static, completely detached from the world. (FJB)

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Detached from the world

Am I an alien? I sometimes feel like I am waiting for someone to come and take me back to "my real home".

DETACHED is a new album single comprising two electroacoustic compositions with nightmarish undercurrents.

This album single release features two electronically based works that are intrinsically connected because of their inner mood and dreamlike, uncanny characteristics. One might say that they reflect a subconscious state of mind.

The Gaze Op.75 is the feature soundtrack from the film CAPTURED IN A GAZE (2015, The FJB Fingerprint).

Du Faller Op.26 was first released on the album MULIGENS (1994, Kornld Music), where the male falsetto voice plays a prominent role. The cover painting was a commission carried out by Liv "Oda" Irene Storli. The idea was to complement the nightmarish atmosphere in Du faller (You're Falling).

   (Digital Album)

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Published March 7, 2018

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