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Exhaling music in about 100 °C

When music runs through the head, it doesn't seem to care about materialistic or geographical convenience.

After I received the commission to write «Four Elements of Hedmark» Op.85 — a Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Symphony Orchestra, most of the music actually materialised while sitting in the sauna.

Perhaps the heat has a mending effect on the physics, forcing an often aching body to relax, including blocking out much of my tendency to severely overthink — just for some allotted moments?

I can only wonder why the sauna frequently has such a profound effect on me; maybe it has something to do with being close to non-human elements of nature (wood, stone, heat, water). A sauna session also provides me with most welcome moments in solitude with my own thoughts, surrounded by steam and dim lighting.

Nevertheless, I'm grateful that my brain handled the intense heat well enough to let me exhale a new composition in such a "boiling" setting.

Here, you can listen to a MIDI recording of the Double Concerto, and, if you like, simultaneously study the free score: «Four Elements of Hedmark» Op.85

Best wishes from 

Close to the boiling point, music seems to thrive...

Published May 1, 2018

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