MONTAGNA CON FORZA | Director's Statement

One Symbiophony... Two Symbiophonies... Still counting...

A journey through Life — or a fragment of Death?

By Flint Juventino Beppe

has a distinctive narrative, as we follow an empty wooden boat´s seemingly random drifting on a lake. We are in the air and under water, we are flying over waterfalls and mountain passes. Sometimes, it would seem that we follow an entity through its restless search for something.

Through this venture we are exposed to temperate sensations and beautiful harmonies present in the unique nature surrounding the lake. Yet, mercilessness and brutality are never far away as we are driven into nature´s own death mass.

Yes, this art film is much about nature and has many spectacular shots; but there is something more to the film than the rather obvious. Is there more to this life than what we can perceive with our senses? This is a question I often seem to return to, as I also do in this film. And as always, I have to leave the question unanswered. I make art only to provide hints.

Some might wonder about the intentions of the plot: is this a film about the whole life span of a person, about the moment of death or the moment of birth? Well, again, this is not for me to answer, but one may find that the somewhat surprising ending, which seems to break with the nature-bound story, gives a clue.

MONTAGNA CON FORZA was filmed in 2002, just before the HD format was established as a common video standard. Because of his, some post production for this Video On Demand release has been necessary to accommodate today´s HD home cinema market. In order to ensure that the script´s intentions still are maintained, I have worked some with the "digital details" - which has been a fascinating experience. Also, the soundtrack is remastered.

My intention is to give someone watching the film the feeling of having witnessed a symbiosis of music and moving pictures, and perhaps to have left them with some profound impressions.

This is the first Symbiophony in the Symbiophonies art film series, in which the music always is the starting point for any script.

This is not music set to film. This is film set to music.

To learn more about the film, please have a look at the documentary A Symbiophony Making (free bonus) on the Video On Demand page.

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This nature symphony follows a wooden boat on its restless crossing of a lake.

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VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA | Director's Statement

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