FJB CD 9903 / SYDA 1601

Living impressions and synthesized expressions: this album features eight synthesizer works performed by composer Flint Juventino Beppe, varying from dynamic film music to dramatic and surreal electroacoustic works.

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These are Flint Juventino Beppe's liner notes on the album PICTURES BEFORE AN EXHIBITION

1. Pictures before an Exhibition Op.30 (1996)

[A commission written for Ragnhild Monsen's main exhibition at Festspillene in Bergen 1997]

An exhibition might be a momentous experience. This music came to life before such an exhibition, after coming to terms with the day's arrival and departure.

2. The Deal Op.19 (1993)

What is it to trust? If founded upon the notion of belief, of promise, there is a possibility that this deal will be broken.

3. Moods from Rros Op.31 (1994)

The town Rros in Norway emanates a unique atmosphere - embracing the truly beautiful and frightening at one and the same time.

4. Inner Seas Op.16 (1993)

There are great oceans and lakes inside the head, absorbing everything that is going on when you are awake.

When the night falls, it is time to work through all impressions.

5. I stepped on a UFO Op.23 (1994)

A stroll might turn out to be very eventful. Suddenly, when you think you have stepped on a stone, you might get unexpected company.

6. Eyes in the Air Op.48 (1999)

To be watched by a world with eyes dull or excited, is perhaps part and parcel of a normal day. This piece of work contains different sequences, emanating from many years of the composer's reflections.

7. Death Dripping Op.25 (1996)

As long as there is Life, Death will be dripping. Life and Death are closely connected.

8. Life Giggling Op.49 (1999)

Could it be that depression is euphoria turned upside-down, and vice versa? Life might be giggling whilst watching you all wrapped up in your own misery and ignorance. Who can steal your heartbeats away?

Label: Symbiophonic

Format: FJB 50 | CD

Type: Electroacoustic

Released: 1999

Total duration: 46 minutes

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe


Flint Juventino Beppe, synthesizer

Producer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Cover paintings: Line Majormoen

Graphic design: Morten Lindberg

Track listing:

01 Pictures before an Exhibition Op.30 6:53
02 The Deal Op.19 4:24
03 Moods from Rros Op.31 5:19
04 Inner Seas Op.16 7:39
05 I stepped on a UFO Op.23 5:16
06 Eyes in the Air Op.48 8:45
07 Death Dripping Op.25 4:44
08 Life Giggling Op.49 2:51