FJB VOD 1501

In this film, we follow a wooden boat's venture across a lake. We will be exposed to the vast array of temperate sensations, sensitive harmonies and visions freed from the conventions of time. Also, the brutality and mercilessness of life are central elements, in connection with eleven closely connected parts and originally written music. This production is respectfully dedicated to the fragile world we all live in.

MONTAGNA CON FORZA (2002) is the first production in the trademarked genre Symbiophonies invented by director and composer Flint Juventino Beppe. It is a unique presentation that combines classical music, fiction, drama and nature.

The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, conducted by Ari Rasilainen, performs two piano concertos and two symphonic poems. Piano soloists are Joachim Knoph and Wolfgang Plagge.

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DVD + CD: FJB 50 | Signed Rarities *
Director's Statement
Digging Deeper

* This 2-disc box contains a DigiPak with one DVD and one Audio CD containing the original music from the album ABOUT MY GRANDFATHER by Flint Juventino Beppe. As special features, the DVD presents the documentary A SYMBIOPHONY MAKING. FJB 50 | Signed Rarities are only available for a limited period.

Label: Symbiophonic

Format: VOD & FJB 50 (DVD + CD)

Type: Symbiophony

Released: 2015

Total duration: 56 minutes

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe


Filmed in 2002 Director & Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe Script: Flint Juventino Beppe & Tomas Evjen Editing & Optical effects: Jran Johnsen Production supervisor: Petter Vennerd Total running time: 56 min. Age limit: Allowed for all Producer: Flint Juventino Beppe Co-producer Merkur Film AS. 2015 Flint Juventino Beppe | All rights reserved.

Track listing:

01 See (op.44) 3:54
02 Catch (op.44) 6:01
03 Push (op.44) 4:43
04 Beyond (op.45) 3:07
05 Among (op.45) 5:35
06 Inside (op.45) 6:48
07 Timeless Legend (op.37) 5:16
08 Warm by Heart (op.37) 3:27
09 Running laps of Eternity (op.37) 3:54
10 Not really Gone (op.37) 4:10
11 Heart (op.27) 7:21
12 Waltz of the Queen (op.4a) 2:01