FJB CD 9401

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MULIGENS was released in 1994. It was recorded in Rros-Tynset studio. The album contains lyric songs, electroacoustic works, classical pieces and humoristic songs including some tracks performed by Kornld Svle. Lyrics, music and arrangements by Flint Juventino Beppe.

Duration: 68:26

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From the album cover, translated into English:

It may feel good to rest when impressions become many and powerful, listen to nature and your heart sit down and enjoy some potent beverages and the cool breeze in your face... This record may possibly take you on a long lasting journey, as journeys often tend to be...

Possibly, the journey will end in different dimensions of existence for good or for bad Possibly, life will become enriched in the end, when the bat sprouts and the flower is hanging upside down from a tree!

I wish to thank everyone who has contributed with their time and soul on this record: the Producer, Musicians, Oda, Photographers, Family and Friends that feel relevant in the preceding moment of my gratitude! Thanksabunch!

Possibly, have a Good Journey!

Label: Symbiophonic

Format: Digital Album, FJB 50 | CD

Type: Songs

Released: 1995

Total duration: 68 minutes

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe


Flint Juventino Beppe: vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer, computer +++

Pl Rune iaas: saxophone, flute, whistling

Anne Fossen: vocals

Producer: Bent Jacobsen and Flint Juventino Beppe

Recorded in Rros-Tynset Lydstudio

Track listing:

01 Du er livet Ditt n 2:00
02 Stille, Stille 3:15
03 Kjp agurk I Brumunddal 2:25
04 Lille Ida 2:25
05 Vindsus i Botn 3:14
06 Bibarabam 2:10
07 Minken 2:48
08 Takkatakakk 2:52
09 Slips rundt dikken 1:48
10 Du faller 4:07
11 Brent Bok 3:42
12 Strikke Ost 1:14
13 Avtalen Op.19 4:25
14 Mine Dager 2:50
15 Trikketuren 2:33
16 Litt varm og Litt fet 2:37
17 Inner Seas Op.16 7:40
18 Nesquisk & Pessquick 3:17
19 Ave Sur 2:17
20 Avskjed Op.20a 9:55