FJB CD 9901

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In 1999, FLYKTNING I VAKKER MOTSTAND was released. This is a collection of new songs, featuring Hun tok min Hnd. This song contains a theme which Beppe later used in the symphonic poem Randi Op.27

From the album cover, translated into English:

Possibly, I've fallen asleep when you read this. Maybe you sleep when I write this. All in all, life may surprise when I least expect it to. This record is possibly about watching yourself in a corner of life.

Label: Symbiophonic

Format: CD

Type: Songs

Released: 1999

Total duration: 34 minutes

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe


Flint Juventino Beppe - vocals, guitar, synthesizer

Erling Riibe Ramskjell - bass

Track listing:

01 Nei, stans min venn 2:08
02 Hun tok min hnd 3:31
03 For en dag det var 2:51
04 Ekko, Ekko 2:38
05 Ensomhetsbrikker 1:53
06 En rd liten hnd 2:40
07 Nervesang 2:29
08 Syng en sang for din stjerne 2:19
09 Julemagi 3:24
10 Onatt 3:21
11 Skyggesang 2:09
12 Magisk storm 2:52
13 Ave 1:38