Producers Flint Juventino Beppe and Tomas Evjen have worked on this film since 2003. During these six years there have been several rounds of filming in the natural surroundings of Saltdal, Beiarn and Misvær. Beppe is in charge of the script, direction and music, while Evjen is the photographer and technical producer. The production is filmed in HD and contains special filmic techniques that enhance the artistic impression.

— For me it was a complex and demanding process very far removed from the entertainment genre I often work in. It was unbelievably good to work for so long and so thoroughly with photographic expression – from script to post-production. 
I've tried to the best of my ability to create the cinematic expression Flint Juventino Beppe wanted. Now I am very anxious to see what the demanding foreign market thinks, but I both hope and feel that this will be good enough and that we will be a success on the big screen, says Tomas Evjen.

The music is performed by a group of chamber musicians with pianist Wolfgang Plagge at its head, as well as one of the world's foremost orchestras, Philharmonia Orchestra from England, directed by Flint Juventino Beppe.


VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA is a fiction film that deals with ideas of the human intellect: What happens when people no longer are able to understand the consequences of their own choices? What happens when people do not have language or anything else to relate to apart from uncompromising nature? In the film nature and music blend together and become a symbolic force that present the film's main characters with major challenges. This might be the main conflict in the film. The film is unusual, according to director Beppe, because it uses original script and melodic music without verbal action, including a set of fictional aspects to underpin the epic nature of the script. It is up to the individual members of the public to find out what is "between the lines" in the plot. These are deliberate choices so that the film can be interpreted at several levels and thus has the potential of meaning something for the individual.

— Therefore the electronic lighting, the "last finish", is particularly important to ensure that the "breaks with reality" are taken care of in an optimal way. The fact that we can do this sophisticated and time-consuming work at the premises of the co-producer News on Request AS in the Mediegården in Bodø, is both reassuring and practical, Beppe says.


VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA can be freely translated as «Near the Mountains» and through the films nine scenes we are drawn in to a North Norwegian mountain range where people, who are represented and depicted by actors Rebekka Nystabakk and Mona Solhaug, are subjected to major trials in their inner lives.

— This is a fictional film where we operate at different levels of abstraction, says director Beppe.

—  We have tried the whole time to follow the script's intentions down to the last detail. It has been challenging technologically and logistically, and for many years we have had to work with whatever the weather permitted. I must say I'm impressed by how the technical team has resolved the technical challenges in the field. At the same time it is both intense and moving to experience that so many have given of themselves to ensure we have the artistic starting point that cannot be deviated from, both in front of and behind the camera. So we'll just have to see how the film's independent life will turn out," says Beppe.

The Foreign Ministry, Nordnorsk Filmsenter AS and Innovasjon Norge have been solid supporters, and in 2009 two new productions were launched: VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA (Symbiophonic AS) and FLUTE MYSTERY (2L) with Vladimir Ashkenazy & Flint Juventino Beppe/Philharmonia Orchestra, which will be released on CD in the spring.

VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA will have its film pre-premiere in London in the autumn.

— The theme is timeless and universal and we have not messed about very much with trends, says Beppe, and continues: — If somebody out there gets an aesthetic experience to think about afterwards, I feel that I have achieved something important.

Photo: News on Request AS

News On Request AS is responsible for the filming of VICINO ALLA MONTAGNA. Front row from left: Chief photographer technical producer Tomas Evjen, script Cathrine T. Sørensen, director and composer Flint Juventino Beppe, make-up artist Jarbjørg Øien and production manager Gunnar Skogset. Behind from left: Grip-responsible Villy E. Indal and camera assistant Morten Lines.