Four Elements of Hedmark Op.85

Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Symphony Orchestra

Then four beams of light struck through the atmosphere and hit Hedmark in different places, and thus manifested themselves as the Four Elements of Hedmark.


  1. «The beam struck the door» (8:40)
  2. «The beam struck the most beautiful memories» (6:20)
  3. «The beam struck the ultimate stairs» (4:50)
  4. «The beam struck the young girl by the river» (6:50)

Instrumentation: 2(1)-2-2-3(1) 3-2-3-1 Timp (3 kettle drums) - Perc: 2 - Harp - Violin Solo - Cello Solo - str

Violin 1 (min. 6 players, ideally more than 8)
Violin 2 (min. 6 players, ideally more than 8)
Viola (min. 4 players ideally more than 6)
Cello (min. 4 players, ideally more than 5)
Double bass (min. 2 players, ideally more than 3)

Dedicated to Berit Cardas and Ellen Margrete Flesjø. Commissioned by Musikk i Hedmark.
First performed in Elverum and Hamar, October 2011, by Berit Cardas (violin), Ellen Margrete Flesjø (cello), Elisabeth Sønstevold (harp) and Hedmarken Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Cathrine Winnes Trevino.

Download for free all multi-instrumental scores. Parts can be obtained.

NB! The MIDI audio is made by FJB and is not meant to replace live performances — only to give insight into the idiom of the work.

Navigate between the four movements using the following time stamps:

1. The beam struck the door (0:00)
2. The beam struck the most beautiful memories (8:48)
3. The beam struck the ultimate stairs (15:07)
4. The beam struck the young girl by the river (19:40)

«Four Elements from Hedmark» Op.85

Element 1 «The beam struck the door»

Perhaps, when the door has a double function and it might be the path to freedom or captivity, the whole fundament of existential thinking is shaken as the beam strikes the door of potential change.

Element 2 «The beam struck the most beautiful memories»

A euphoric and beautiful memory does not have to be based on nostalgia. If a beam strikes the most beautiful memories in life, the thoughts might freeze into ice, and the present is placed in a vacuum.

Element 3 «The beam struck the ultimate stairs»

Mankind is building a flight of stairs from the earth up towards the universe to achieve a higher level of existence. However, if a clown is assisting in this process, it is difficult to predict whether this quasi-jovial workforce has a positive or negative effect. Nonetheless, the beam will interfere and finish this building process before one achieves any more knowledge than one had five seconds ago.

Element 4 «The beam struck the young girl by the river»

Perhaps, an example of life's intricacy, the last beam strikes a little girl sitting by the river bank looking towards the other side. But the beam does not bring death. She achieves magical powers from the beam, and the ability to see through time and space through a veil called "All that happens". She drifts where the wind blows and leaves an "I was here" on a harp string.

— The world premiere of the commissioned «Four Elements from Hedmark» by Flint Juventino Beppe, was the concert's great climax. Not only had the composer created an impressive piece of music, but he also spun some intriguing yarns that enveloped the music. Or maybe it was the other way around. (...) His music is dramatic, intense, cheerful and overwhelming.

— Urframførelsen av bestillingsverket «Four Elements from Hedmark» av Flint Juventino Beppe var konsertens store høydepunkt. Ikke bare hadde komponisten laget et imponerende musikkverk, han hadde også spunnet spennende historier rundt musikken. Eller kanskje er det omvendt. (...) Musikken er dramatisk, intens, munter og overveldende.
Hamar Arbeiderblad, 03.10.2011

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