The Deal Op.19 | Digging Deeper

What is it to trust? If founded upon the notion of belief, of promise,

there is a possibility that this deal will be broken.

Category: Electroacoustic

Instrumentation: Synthesizer

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Year composed: 1993

First performance: December 27, 1999

Length: 4:28

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— When you listen to this song, envision yourself in a large mall. Now imagine yourself with a small, inquisitive child who leads you by the hand to where he wants to go. This is what I picture while listening to this piece. Mr. Beppe, however, offers a different description of this work, which you can read on his site. He describes the innate meaning of the song, whereas I simply state my point of view. People may see different things in a Rorschach (inkblot) test, and the same is true with music.

This piece will take you on a remarkable journey in under 4:30. The first stop takes us into a state of beginning with an awakening looming before us. It is similar to what I would describe as an ambient, lulling, yet progressive dreamtime.
The next stop, at around :58, brings us to a more alert and awakened state. The dream is still fresh within our minds, yet we are now living and walking onward. Yet something dark, something sinister seems to lie beneath the surface.
Following this, at 1:35, we have an onward drive through our path. The piano does a splendid job guiding through our current reality. It flies past the sorrow and compels us to seek something more.

This path is fully trodden and now behind us at 2:20. It is at this point that we enter a darker area laced with tribal drum beats and low organ keys. This place is haunting and we stay for a moment. We then realize that this is not good and we begin to flee. We run and continue to do so until we escape at around 3:28.

We then find ourselves in another strange area. The evil and darkness starts to slowly creep up on us. This soon encompasses us as we tiptoe around, unaware yet suspicious. All of sudden, this evil closes in on us, snapping shut and ending our excursion.

When you listen, try to discover your own unique meaning in this song. I felt led into a path of excitement and danger. It is not often that a song will do this to me.

As for this piece itself, it is superb. The effects are simply brilliant. They almost have persona, like they were born to convey a certain message. Although I felt a little wary about trying to review a film score, I feel that no more. I grasp the essence of this song with relative ease. My only minor complaint about this is the length. For such a wonderful journey it presents, it ends too soon. I hope that something as minor as this does not prevent you from enjoying such a splendid work as this
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