Tightrope walking beneath heaven Op.32 No.8 | Digging Deeper

— Tightrope walking beneath heaven: the tightrope walker who challenges fate high on the wire, with a sardonic half-smile on his face, is perhaps the most autobiographical of the works on this album. Once again the music thrills and disturbs us, as we witness the nihilistic and brashly provocative teasing of Death itself. The orchestral sound is at times broad, at other times narrow, but it always knows precisely where it is going, alert to every step forward, like the tightrope walker. There is only one path to take (a single false step and it's all over) so discussions of which route might be best are superfluous and irrelevant. In other words, we have once again arrived at the very core of Beppe's music, but have approached it from a new direction and see if from a new angle.
Wolfgang Plagge, professor

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Asperger, Tourette and Art — Tightrope walking beneath heaven

— I walk the tightrope through life beneath the heavens. I can't help this situation, but I have to fix my eyes on an external, faraway point to prevent myself from falling off the rope, in a world that is conventional. There are but two exceptions from this rope and having to look far ahead not to fall: when I am alone in nature I can lower my eyes; and alone with art I can lower my eyes.
Flint Juventino Beppe