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High Mountains of Music Op.8

Flute and Piano

In the lyric duet for Flute and Piano, «High Mountains of Music» Op.8 (1992), «Polar Nights» are like icy fairytales. Imagine being in a dark, yet starry, frozen landscape — so quiet that the elements become very tangible. You can hear the silence, see the invisible mood and smell the odourless ice crystals! You are frozen in time. «Northern Lights», the Aurora Borealis, is erratic, seductive and hypnotic. She lures you in, invites you to stare at her, only to disappear as quickly as she materialised.

Category: Chamber

Instrumentation: Flute, Piano

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Year composed: 1992

First performance: December 18, 1997

Duration: 4:40


  1. Polar Nights (2:30)
  2. Northern Lights (2:10)

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First performed by Tom Ottar Andreassen and Wolfgang Plagge.

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Movement: Polar Nights

  • Flute
  • Piano

Movement: Northern Lights

  • Flute
  • Piano

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