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Cookery book of Kornåld Op.7

Piano Solo

With «Cookery Book of Kornåld» Op.7 (1992) we welcome you to a surreal gastronomic experience! What would your day look like if food was suddenly given human features? Say hello to «Furious Meat», greet the «Siamese Cabbage», make way for «Born to be Popcorn», where you can actually hear why the popcorn was born to become exactly that, and finally, try to catch up with the «Running Fish Cake»!

Category: Piano Solo

Instrumentation: Piano

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Year composed: 1992

First performance: December 18, 1997

Duration: 4:30


  1. Furious Meat (1:00)
  2. Siamese Cabbage (2:30)
  3. Born to be Popcorn (0:35)
  4. Running Fish Cake (1:10)

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Dedicated to and first performed by Wolfgang Plagge.

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Movement: Furious Meat

  • Piano

Movement: Siamese Cabbage

  • Piano

Movement: Born to be Popcorn

  • Piano

Movement: Running Fish Cake

  • Piano

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